Rainbow Warrior Canvas Print by Jason Kelly

Rainbow Warrior Canvas Print by Jason Kelly

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Canvas size in millimetres: 600 x 600

Now sold out/deleted. The seven colours of the rainbow together with the colours of the French flag are used in the koru design for this new artwork from Jason Kelly. In a more political departure from his kiwiana series this new print turns the memory of the bombing of Greenpeace’s ship the “Rainbow Warrior” by French agents in 1985 into a celebration of the “rainbow warrior” anti war stance of most New Zealanders. The bombing of the Rainbow Warrior in Auckland harbour was a turning point in New Zealand’s relations with Europe at the height of the anti-nuclear movement whose anger was directed at French testing in the South Pacific. This artwork also references the work of modernist twentieth century NZ artist Gordon Walters and his use of a stylised koru motif from Maori artforms such as kowhaiwhai.

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