Yeah Right (Tutu Print) by Weston Frizzell

Yeah Right (Tutu Print) by Weston Frizzell

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Giclee Print

Size in millimetres: 500 x 500
Signed and individually numbered edition strictly limited to 180.

The print is an archival fine art pigment inkjet produced on Hahnemule bright white 100% rag stock. Signed, numbered and stamped with the genuine Weston Frizzell rubber stamp.

"Yeah Right" is a satirical adaptation of the popular Tui Beer advertising campaign that uses sarcasm in a humorous social commentary . Weston Frizzell present their version of Tui's iconic ad, substituting an AK47 assault rifle for the usual perch branch and replacing the Tui logo with Tutu in the same style. Tutu, and the glyphic logo formed by the inverted numerals 22, have been recurring motifs in Weston Frizzell's work since 2004, first appearing in the Dr Tutu featuring Tame Iti exhibition. Dr Tutu is the name Iti adopted when DJing on his various alternative radio slots. In Maori, (and most if not all Polynesian languages also) Tutu has a multiplicity of meanings such as 'revolution', 'to meddle', 'arson' or 'sedition'. In Yeah Right, Tutu replaces both the Tui Beer branding, and also the social statement that is usually featured in the Tui beer billboard. The message it conveys relates directly to the arrest of Tame Iti and other Tuhoe members under the terrorism suppression act (the defendants known as the "Urewera Four"). If it were spelled out it might read: "A terrorist revolution? Yeah, right."

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