Urewera - Give it Back by Weston Frizzell

Urewera - Give it Back by Weston Frizzell

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NZ$700.00 Rare A/P

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Contemporary Edition

Print size in millimetres: 350 x 840
Edition of 22, signed and numbered by Weston Frizzell.

Inspired by Otis and Mike's friendship with Tuhoe activist Tama Iti, who Otis first met during the 1990s when he would take international hip-hop artists to a Marae on Tuhoe land, says Otis "We'd give them a dose of old school Maori, it is pretty awesome to be a European and be invited in there." This was a tiny edition for a Weston Frizzell print with only 22 prints - which was a bit of an in-joke (say it out loud) and reflect on the fact that Dr Tutu was the name Iti adopted when DJing on his various alternative radio slots. In Maori, Tutu has a multiplicity of meanings such as 'revolution', 'to meddle', 'arson' and 'sedition'. All we have left now from this tiny edition is the the last Artist Proof - signed by the artists and editioned "A/P".