Fall of Icarus (800 x 800mm) by Bill Hammond

Fall of Icarus (800 x 800mm) by Bill Hammond

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Art Print (Giclee)

Image size in millimetres: 800 x 800

Update 4 August: This sized print of "Fall of Icarus" has now sold out, we still have a few of the two other sizes (600 x 600mm and 1000 x 1000mm). The publisher's rights to reproduce this painting has expired. We have purchased everything that the publisher had on hand when the contract ended. Please order this title promptly as we expect this stock to sell out very quickly now. High quality giclee print of Hammond’s 1995 painting “The Fall of Icarus”. From Hammond’s bird series this painting references Brueghel’s 16th century painting of the same name in composition and theme. Described in the catalogue that accompanied the touring exhibition “Jingle Jangle Morning” like this “Hammond’s signature vistas of colouristic stains and drips of acrylic emerald paint are inhabited by sharp-beaked, silkily dressed avian beings balanced on finely decorated branches....in this moral lesson on the dangers of hubris, Hammond’s birds look on dispassionately, their own wings emphasising the absurdity of Icarus’s fatal desire [to fly close to the sun].” The bird series of paintings are “zoomorphic”, representations of animal forms and transformations sparked by Hammond’s dismay at the loss of NZ’s flora and fauna since settlement, perpetrated even by the very people who celebrated our unique plants and animals such as the “animal stuffer” Buller of the famous book “Buller’s Birds of NZ”.

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