Bill Hammond Untitled Painting (1987) - Full Size

Bill Hammond Untitled Painting (1987) - Full Size

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Fine Art Print - Full Size

Approx print size in millimetres: 1100 x 1100

Bill Hammond’s untitled painting from 1987 was one of two artworks by this Christchurch born painter to have been selected to be part of a just released series of superb quality large format giclee prints made to the original size of original paintings by some of NZ’s most influential artists.  This dramatic painting depicts the forces of heaven and hell, in a very large size this is a powerful art print that depicts several significant themes from Hammond’s oeuvre. The half human, half bird figures that populate artworks like “Untitled (1987) become a metaphor for all endangered creatures, after Hammond’s concern with the loss of NZ’s native fauna was awakened during the artist’s famous trip to the sub Antarctic Auckland islands where he contrasted this birdly paradise with the decimation of NZ’s native bird population by collectors such as the now infamous Walter Buller in the nineteenth century.