Vintage Geological Map of New Zealand

Vintage Geological Map of New Zealand

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Vintage Wall Chart (Ready to Hang Canvas Print)

Overall size in millimetres: 570 x 840

This 1869 “Sketch Map of the Geology of New Zealand” is a direct result of the great “New Zealand Geological Survey” undertaken between 1865 and 1892. It depicts the fruits of thousands of hours of work that were put into one of the largest scale scientific enquiries of early NZ. The director of the New Zealand Geological Survey (and of the Colonial Museum) was Dr James Hector, he is soley credited on the actual map although his staff of explorers and natural scientists sent out to the four corners of the colony were also a vitally important part of this project. The original map has been scanned at a very high resolution to create this vintage style wall chart. The publisher has used an archival quality canvas to print on and the map is mounted with aged wooden batons and cotton rope ready to hang.

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