Portrait of Captain Cook by John Webber

Portrait of Captain Cook by John Webber

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Image size in millimetres: 510 x 810

Museum quality giclee print of the original painting. One of three existing portait paintings of Captain Cook by Webber, the date of this painting is not known although one story is that it was painted prior to Cook’s departure on his third voyage and given by him to his wife Elizabeth as a going away present. According to William McAloon’s essay in ‘Art at Te Papa’, “the painting was certainly in the possession of Elizabeth Cook for a time, though, and in 1829 was given by her to Cook’s nephew, passing to his descendents who sold it in the mid-nineteenth century. The New Zealand government purchased the painting in 1960 from Canon T Harrison Park, of Marton-on-Cleveland, Yorkshire, and it arrived in the country with much fanfare.”

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