British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines Poster

British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines Poster

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Vintage Poster

Poster size in millimetres: 410 x 540

This print is a second. Rare re-print of this original poster from an obscure USA publisher, and now unfortunately we are about to sell out. And then we noticed that our very last print has a crease across the bottom left corner about an inch in from the edge (where the corner has been accidently folded over).  So we have taken $10 off the retail price, however this doesn't detract too much from the print, it will be hardly noticeable on the wall.  Back to the catalogue description.. “BCPA: Leads the way across the Pacific with the ‘pressurised’ DC-6” reads this vintage aviation poster. “Now flying the ‘Southern Cross’ route Vancouver | San Francisco | Honolulu | Fiji | Auckland | Sydney”. British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines was a joint venture between the governments of Australia, New Zealand and the UK started in 1946. The DC-6 fleet were named after the ships that sailed with Captain Cook and would have been the epitome of style in the early days of international travel.

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