Ataahua Tieke (Gold) by Shane Hansen

Ataahua Tieke (Gold) by Shane Hansen

Print Code: 9112


Print size: 560 x 750 millimetres
Edition of 35 screenprints. Printed, signed and numbered by Shane Hansen.

Hansen writes that this print was inspired by an encounter with the unique NZ saddleback (tieke), he says "The handsome saddleback greeted me with surprise in his eyes." The bird seemed to be saying "Who is this who seeks my attention? You have come, so I will go." Tieke belong to the Wattlebird family which includes the kokako and the (extinct) huia. In Maori the word Ataahua means beautiful. Ataahua Tieke was available in two colourways, green (which has sold out) and gold.

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