Poster for W Gregg & Co, Dunedin "Club Coffee"

Poster for W Gregg & Co, Dunedin "Club Coffee"

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Vintage NZ Advertising Poster

Image size in millimetres: 330 x 450

Club Coffee - "It's Great" says this vintage NZ advertising poster for W. Gregg & Co of Dunedin. Genuine vintage design from 1925 re-printed on superb quality paper for a true retro look for your kitchen, dining room or cafe setting. Designer Stanley Davis (1894 -1938), supervising artist at the NZ railways 'Outdoor advertising Branch'. Born in England he completed his artistic training in Paris. Emigrated to NZ after the serving during World War I and worked at the Railway's publicity studio from 1922. The New Zealand Railways magazine recorded the tribute to Davis at his funeral from the General Manager of Railways, G.H. Mackley "The passing of such a gifted artist is a loss to the whole country. He was remarkable for his keen cheerful zest in his tasks. He never looked upon his daily round of duty as one of mere routine. He had an untiring eagerness to put distinctiveness into ordinary things."

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