Leger Demain by Dick Frizzell

Leger Demain by Dick Frizzell

Print Code: 8845


Image size in millimetres: 760 x 560

Edition of 80, hand printed, signed and numbered by Dick Frizzell.

First print in the Leger Demain suite. We currently have number 5/80 of this edition available. In the Leger Demain prints Frizzell playfully references cubist masters such as Picasso, Braque and Leger, the tiki form emerging from recognisable art historical reference points. Frizzell's Legerdemain prints employ_a characteristic double entendre; literally_translated from the French the word_means a slight of hand or trickery whilst also aluding to Argentinian born artist Fernand Leger who came to fame during the 1900s for his_avante gaurde cubist approach_to painting._In this series Frizzell explains, _Legerdemain means 'Leger's the Man' (_da man!')...AND refers to the trick of the hand required to turn a Leger into a Tiki_.

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