Small Bird by John Pule

Small Bird by John Pule

Print Code: 8736


Image size in millimetres: 560 x 760
Handmade edition of 60 numbered and signed by John Pule.
Pule writes about this print _I wanted to create a visual as well as a symbolic meaning of images and sounds, so I chose one of my poems that I thought said something about listening and sound. In this poem the words are constantly moving around, shifting image to image, making us see mountains, oceans and forests. The poem is nature based, where great movements of sounds can be heard and seen in the words. Using ten different colours [in the print] assists in making sense of things. Behind the poem, freely floating in the background I drew a bird with a flower in its beak while a smaller bird eats away at the petals. Although the bird is of a lighter colour, it does not take away from the bright colours of the words, but blends in with them. I have not made a screen print before so the process was new to me. In this type of image making I found some exciting possibilities to experiment with in the future._

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