Keep Calm and Carry On (Original Poster)

Keep Calm and Carry On (Original Poster)

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Art Print

Print size in millimetres: 595 x 420

In the exact size of the original poster, this print of “Keep Calm & Carry On” was printed by the actual UK bookstore that re-discovered this classic 20th century design and was imported into NZ back before the Keep Calm and Carry On poster was well known. We loved this design but were caught out a little bit by the deluge of re-mixes and tributes to the original poster so we are discounting to sell the left over prints that we still have on hand. This print of Keep Calm and Carry On is a high quality re-print of the British poster designed but never used during World War 2. The original poster would have been issued as a means of allaying public fear had Britain been invaded. The poster was held in reserve for use only the time of such an extreme crisis and was never used. Although thousands were produced only a handful ever saw the light of day and they were completely forgotten until a poster was discovered in a box of books at a second hand book store called “Barter Books”. Even today 'Keep Calm and Carry On' is a phrase which which perfectly encapsulates the traditional British attitude of a 'stiff upper lip!