Stormy Waters by Anna Cohran

Stormy Waters by Anna Cohran

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Artist: Anna Cohran
Painting Title: Stormy Waters
Image size in millimetres: 455 x 650
Open Edition | Fine Art Print

Apologies for the current image shown, the actual print is much better quality.  On our list to re-photograph with a higher resolution digital camera than when this was first listed for sale a few years back.  The actual print is wall art size and quality. We love this stormy sea scene from American painter Anna Cohran, it is a great piece of art to have on the wall that gets lots of comments.  As we are no longer importing from this publisher (the prints are all printed in the USA and imported directly by us from the publisher) this product has been deleted.  So we have discounted the remaining prints on hand to clear the way for different titles coming in the new year. 

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