Marjorie Marshall Portrait Print by Rita Angus

Marjorie Marshall Portrait Print by Rita Angus

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Giclee Print

Print paper size in millimetres (including a narrow unprinted border): 300 x 420

This print of Angus’s painting of her close friend Marjorie Marshall is a next level modern reproduction print using the very latest digital image capture and superb materials, from a new series of prints of paintings by famous NZ artists that are the best prints we have seen in our decades in the art retail business. In this 1938/1939 painting, Angus skillfully combines her expertise in portraiture and landscape, resulting in a captivating and vibrant piece. Through the use of vivid blocks of color and skillful play with light, she successfully captures both the grandeur of the Central Otago mountains around Wanaka and the depth of her friendship with Marshall. Originally, Angus had planned to accompany this painting with a self-portrait set in the same landscape. However, the self-portrait remained unfinished. This portrait’s subject is Marjorie Marshall, a close friend of Rita Angus, and was created following Angus' visit to Marshall's residence in Wānaka. Both Marshall and Angus were artists who had met during their time at art school in Christchurch. During her stay, Angus and Marshall would venture out into the Central Otago landscape to sketch, resulting in Angus producing numerous watercolor paintings, some of which were later exhibited by The Group, a Christchurch collective, in August of the same year.