Bush & Rock Wren by John Keulemans

Bush & Rock Wren by John Keulemans

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Fine Art Print

Print size in millimetres: 420 x 300

Mātuhituhi, Bush Wren, Xenicus longipes and Pīwauwau, Rock Wren, Xenicus gilviventris, hand-coloured lithograph by Johannes Keulemans. Plate 13 from A history of the birds of New Zealand, 1873. This is a brilliant modern re-print that pops with colour, an extremely high quality print that shows how modern high resolution scanning combined with the latest giclee printing technology can breathe new life into an artwork that has been buried in the archive for decades. John Keulemans was a well respected Dutch artist of the nineteenth century. For each illustration he first produced a drawing for Buller’s inspection, then a coloured painting, which served as the basis for each lithograph.