Mike Glover Art Print “Hold It”

Mike Glover Art Print “Hold It”

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Art Print - NZ Artist

Image size in millimetres: 350 x 400

Print by artist and environmentalist Mike Glover. A well known campaigner for clean water and the landscape of Aotearoa is what inspires his painting - so in this print “Hold It” Mike conveys the combination of custodianship and appreciation of New Zealand’s natural beauty that embodies his life. Mike says “Looking across at a spectacular sunset or vista of tumbled mountains is food for the soul. There is a sense of awe, of peace and of harmony with nature and it is these feelings that I am trying to convey in my artwork. It is also important for me to convey a sense of concern for our environment and the legacy we hand on to our children.” The print shows a pair of hands with river like veins extending from the landscape up into the finger shaped clouds above. This print is an open edition print, it is not signed or numbered by the artist.