Hello You Yellow Bananas by Jane Evans

Hello You Yellow Bananas by Jane Evans

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Fine Art Print

Image size in millimetres: 630 x 385

Update 17th Oct '22 - now down to the very last 3 prints remaining in stock: Sold Out Please note  -  although the coloured surface of these last 3 prints (the image itself) looks fine, the paper on the last prints available is by no means perfect. There are marks and ripples that are consistent with being stored for many years in less than optimal conditions.  Once framed (or if you are replacing an older faded print with a print with all the original colour re-framed in your existing frame) you will not notice the damage to the paper as it is on the back, or around the edges of the image, however you will see imperfections when you unwrap the unframed print.

Print of an exuberant still life painting by Nelson artist Jane Evans. Published by the Peter Small Gallery. A handful of “Hello You Yellow Bananas” prints that were part of the artist’s personal stock were recently consigned for sale to New Zealand Fine Prints. The size given is the image size (the coloured surface of the paper. These dimensions exclude the wide white border around the image. On this border (what we would call the “framing margin”) there is an enlarged reproduction of Evans’ signature printed below the image.