Michael Smither Signed Print "Big Occity"

Michael Smither Signed Print "Big Occity"

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Signed Screenprint

Image size in millimetres: 320 x 500
Edition of 75 prints, numbered and signed by Michael Smither.

Charming print of one of Smither’s children, with a lovely backstory as described by the artist: “We had one electricity point in Blarney Castle, Patearoa, Central Otago. Thomas was fascinated by having power over dark and light. Big Occity was his name for this power and he regularly plunged us into the 18th century. I caught him at it one night and shouted at him and was moved by his reaction to make this record of the event. Bad weather often kept us inside. The children’s games and inventions were a great foil to the sparseness of the landscape. The painting of the ephemeral moments usually developed from a quick drawing to fix the event in my memory, after which I found I can reconstruct the moment because of my familiarity with the subject involved.”