Matawhaorua by Sofia Minson

Matawhaorua by Sofia Minson

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Limited Edition Print

Image size in millimetres: 630 x 630
Edition of 30 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

Update: This edition is now sold out. In this print an ancient carved waka rests upon the eerie shores of Aotearoa after an immensely long voyage. “Matawhaorua” is the name of the great ocean-going waka that brought Kupe to New Zealand. The intricately carved taurapa (stern post) and puhi (the adorning feather streamers) depicted in this artwork were created from the artist’s personal vision of the Matawhaorua. The vessel’s solidity and stillness suggest the overcoming of obstacles, the calm after the storm and the final reaching of a destination. The flying birds introduce a dynamic energy that refers to the Matawhaorua’s tremendous, perilous voyage. Pouakai Eagles (a now extinct New Zealand species), Albatross and a single Kotuku (White Heron) are seen circling the coastline, welcoming the strange newcomers. Significantly, Maori see the Kotuku as a symbol of everything rare and beautiful and the sighting of one as a good omen.