Flora Print “New Zealand Silver Fern”

Flora Print “New Zealand Silver Fern”

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NZ Native Flora Photographic Print

Print size in millimetres: 420 x 595

The Silver Fern is a symbol of New Zealand, it is the frond of the Silver Tree Fern (Cyathea Dealbata) or Ponga/Punga. This photographic art print is one of a series of breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly life-like botanical artworks created by photographer Reuben Price. The subtle detail is superbly realised with a three dimensional effect that is really astonishing. A custom built flower press built was just the first step in creating this artwork. Reuben then photographed a fern frond in an ultra high resolution in a uniquely controlled light environment that removes visible shadow. These prints are then printed using the giclee printing process for ultimate longevity and colour fidelity. Each of the New Zealand Flora series of prints is authenticated with a hand embossed New Zealand Flora series emblem in the bottom left hand corner.

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