Tiki to Diki Print by Shane Hansen

Tiki to Diki Print by Shane Hansen
    Close Tiki to Diki Print by Shane Hansen

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    Print size in millimetres: 1000 x 700
    Edition of 50 screenprints, numbered and signed by Shane Hansen below image in pencil.

    As soon as it arrived, Shane Hansen’s new print immediately became one of the staff favourites here at NZ Fine Prints! “Tiki to Diki... Kaching!” is a sly and witty remix of Frizzell’s original Mickey to Tiki that has an instant “I want one” appeal to nearly everyone who is interested in contemporary NZ art and pop culture. With only 50 prints in the edition we are wonder if this will be another sold out Shane Hansen edition within a few months of release. Shane told us “This print is an acknowledgment of the huge success of Dick’s ‘Mickey to Tiki’ piece, the biggest selling print of all time in Aotearoa. No matter what you think, you must admit, Dick was a genius for thinking of it. Dick has paved the way for peeps like myself and I am grateful for that. I only wish I had thought of it!”.

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