New Zealand Vintage Poster "Wonderland of the Pacific"

New Zealand Vintage Poster "Wonderland of the Pacific"
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    Vintage Poster - New Zealand

    Image size in millimetres: 800 x 520

    This delightful New Zealand vintage advertising poster exhorts the viewer to "Visit New Zealand - Wonderland of the Pacific". Designer C.T. Laugesen from the NZ government tourism department has combined a Maori woman in traditional feather cloak wearing a hei tiki wtih a gushing geyser from Rotorua, the Chateau Tongariro and a volcanic peak which is probably Mount Ruapehu. This poster is a very crisp completely colour fast digital print created from an extremely detailed scan of the original vintage poster. Wonderland of the Pacific is now printed on photographic quality paper in a larger size than previously available - we love vintage NZ posters and can assure aficionados of vintage posters that they will be completely happy with posters purchased from NZ Fine Prints.

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