Poa [Tui] from Cook's Voyages by Robert Laurie

Poa [Tui] from Cook's Voyages by Robert Laurie

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Avon Fine Prints Limited Edition

Image size in millimetres: 335 x 245

This print has a special place in the history of our company. This re-print was one of the first prints published by “Avon Fine Prints” (the pioneering company that produced limited edition prints of New Zealand). We have just a few left as we thought it was sold out for many years until we found a slim packet of prints in pristine condition inside an old folio! The story behind the picture is one of the most interesting related to any early New Zealand print. Captain James Cook reached England on 30th July 1775 at the conclusion of his second voyage of discovery. Among the items he brought back was a tui, stuffed (rather meagrely) and mounted. The excitement generated by Cook's exploits was infectious, and one of those affected was young Robert Laurie a Scottish designer who was at the time working to perfect a method of printing in oil colours. Laurie seized the opportunity to select for his first print in the new process an item associated with Cook's voyage and his choice is forever associated with New Zealand. You can read the full story of how the print was made in the Charming story of a very early colour print with a NZ connection.