Robyn Kahukiwa Limited Edition Print "Kaitiaki Hina"

Robyn Kahukiwa Limited Edition Print "Kaitiaki Hina"

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Image size in millimetres: 590 x 500 with a wide border
Limited edition of 30 prints, signed and numbered by the artist.

Update: This edition has now sold out. Superb large 9 colour screenprint by senior Maori artist Robyn Kahukiwa. The print Kaitiaki Hina is from Kahukiwa’s “Super Heroes” series of paintings and prints. “Super Heroes”, she writes, “and real heroes provide heroic inspiration to Maori, other New Zealanders and Polynesian people. When I see my mokopuna (grandchildren) playing with Action Man, Superman, and Wonderwoman, I am determined to give them their own superheroes. My Maui and Hina are contemporary Maori superheroes who have whakapapa (genealogy) to Polynesia.” In this print Hina references the traditional Atua, Hine teiwaiwa, who is the deity (guardian) for babies and children. She is a taiaha bearing superwoman who swoops down from above to save the defenseless and naked child. When this series was first exhibited Robyn expressed the hope that “my superheroes [that] come from Aotearoa/New Zealand… can provide heroic inspiration to all.

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