A Place Within All of Us by Fiona Whyte

A Place Within All of Us by Fiona Whyte

Print Code: 9325

NZ Art Print

Image size in millimetres: 400 x 400

The title of this painting by NZ artist Fiona Whyte refers to how all New Zealander’s carry an idea of home in their minds wherever they are in the world, the ideal of sitting on your verandah watching the world go by. In this print Whyte has captured a scene that resonates with the essence of NZ, the weatherboard house by the sea surrounded by farmland sloping to a pohutukawa fringed beach. Her slightly quirky take is not a literal interpretation of a particular view in a realist style however, she evokes a sense of a place that is within all of us without being overly sentimental or painting a “chocolate box” view of cloying perfection.

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