Tuatara Aotearoa by Shane Hansen

Tuatara Aotearoa by Shane Hansen

Print Code: 9192

Limited Edition Print

Image size in millimetres: 440 x 390
Edition of 100 handmade prints, signed and numbered by printmaker Shane Hansen.

The inscription translates from Maori as "Now you see me, now you don't". This print of a Tuatara with the word Aotearoa woven into its form is a superb example of how traditional Maori design is being reinterpreted by contemporary Maori artists like Shane Hansen. Technically this is a very accomplished print. Shane has used a 'split fountain' technique to blend ink colours (Olive & Forest) so that the design subtly graduates from light to dark from the top to the bottom. Tuatara Aotearoa is also printed using a traditional letterpress onto heavy 500gsm stock - this means the design is physically pressed into the surface of the paper. The tuatara is an ancient reptile found only in New Zealand, Hansen says this tuatara "hides under cover. He lurks unseen. If only he knew how fragile his existence, how much he needs to be seen".

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