Pania & Friendy by Shane Hansen

Pania & Friendy by Shane Hansen

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Print size in millimetres: 450 x 350
Print in stock is number 3 out of an edition of 10 artist proofs.  Sold Out. Signed and numbered on the reverse by Shane Hansen. Printed on 300gsm fabriano stock with die cut koru motif.

This print is a delightful crossover between Shane’s Pania & Friendy series. In this edition Hansen portrays “Pania of the reef” as a young girl. The story of Pania is a Maori legend about a young woman who lived in the ocean near Napier, on the North Island's east coast. In Shane's print Pania strikes the pose made famous by the sculpture on the Napier's Marine Parade as she sits with her arm around Shane's tiki character "Friendy". Friendy [sic, not Friendly] is smaller in this image, as Shane says "more the size of a pet lamb". Shane writes that "Pania is relaxed with him, her connection to her culture is strong and the two are a team, creating mischief together and celebrating the joys of childhood. Pania's hair is wispy like a gentle sea breeze, portraying the innocence and adventure of being young. Her head leans towards Friendy as a symbol of togetherness. Pania's hand rests on the grass showing stability of place and pride in Maori culture.”