Waitakere Wairua by Shane Hansen

Waitakere Wairua by Shane Hansen

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Giclee Print

Print size in millimetres: 1100 x 550
Edition of 35. Archival giclee print on paper, signed and numbered by Shane Hansen

Update: This edition is nearly sold out.  There is now only number 15 remaining.  Sold Out "The Waitakeres is a food and water source for tamaki makaurau (Auckland). It collects our drinking water, grows fruit crops and protects and nutures our native flora and fauna. The shapes within represent the volcanic terrain on which we live. The Kokako is a Kaitiaki [Maori word translates as guardian] watching over the tamariki [Maori - children], helping them forge a brighter future for them as it has been given by the 'ark in the park' project. Looking down from the Waitakere ranges towards Rangitoto he [the Kokako] feels proud and privileged to be part of it all" - Shane Hansen. Waitakere Wairua is a beautiful large edition from one of New Zealand's leading Maori printmakers.

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