Tony Ogle Print - Indicators Raglan

Tony Ogle Print - Indicators Raglan

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Original NZ Print

Image size in millimetres: 810 x 340
Edition of 280 handmade prints. All prints handsigned, numbered and titled by Tony Ogle.

Sold Out. Raglan - Indicators pictures both Tony's love of surfing and his desire to capture what Ogle calls the "gritty feel which pertains to the beauty of the West Coast". This new edition is one of the largest sized prints in Tony's latest series of surfing artwork. The world famous surf break at Raglan is the first point of three, - so for surfers down the line looking up at the first point they can see the "indication" of larger waves coming hence - "Indicators". Tony has also been painting in a similar style using a very textured surface (hessian/jute) and painting highlights out of a black background to complete the work and this print borrows from that technique - the print's subject was worked up larger in white on black painted jute at the beginning of the printing process.

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