Tiki with Monarch Butterfly Wings by Brad Novak

Tiki with Monarch Butterfly Wings by Brad Novak

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Original Screenprint

Image size in millimetres: 760 x 560
Limited Edition of 80. All prints hand printed, signed and numbered by Brad Novak.

This print follows on the heels of Brad's (very nearly sold out) edition version 1.1. The full and correct title of this print is "Tiki with Danaus Plexippus Wings 1.2" but as many of our customers refer to this series of prints by the non-botanical or "common" name "Monarch Butterfly" we have titled this one accordingly. Version 1.2 has a strong NZ feel with a deep dark green background and a bright luminous green Tiki taking centre stage.

Brad writes about this print "This image first appeared in my mind’s eye as I was falling asleep one night in 2008. The monarch butterfly (scientific name - Danaus Plexippus) was introduced to NZ in the late 19th century. For me this screen print evokes a sense of empowerment, acknowledging the special place of Māori as Tāngata Whenua." Each colour in this 6-colour screen print on Fabriano fine art paper (300gsm) was laid down separately using multiple passes of ink. According to Novak "This has created a solidity and strength which has fast become a recognisable feature of my work and something that I am extremely proud of."

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