Otago Poster

Otago Poster

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Image size in millimetres: 840 x 595

This Otago Poster is made from 275 Dunedin photos to trigger great memories of your Otago glory days...

The creators of this poster write "Anyone who has spent time in Dunedin should own one of these posters. We went on a mission and took thousands of photos that represent the real Dunedin as is experienced by students and true Dunedinites. After much deliberation, several crates of the local beverage, and a minor altercation, we narrowed it down to the 275 photos included on the poster. The result was an "Otago" poster that offers a lot to reminisce over and features the "real" Dunedin that scarfies and locals experience. Take a close look and you will spot iconic Dunedin features such as a "flat taken" sign, Poppa's Pizza, a clothes rack, Critic, a couch, togas, a recycled shopping trolley, the Mothras, the Dundas Street sign, the Empire, a pie, the Cook. A lot of memories in one poster!" Only 1 posters left. Sold Out

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