Give it a Whirl by Dick Frizzell

Give it a Whirl by Dick Frizzell

Print Code: 8482

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Original Screenprint

Image size in millimetres: 560 x 760

Edition of 200, all prints hand printed, signed and numbered by Dick Frizzell.

This print is one of Frizzell's New Zealand Songbook series of prints featuring Four Square Man, New Zealand's most famous grocer and a kiwiana icon! The title of this artwork contains a veritable nest of meanings. Give it a Whirl is an expression meaning to try a new or relatively unpracticed activity in a relatively lighthearted manner - in this context perhaps summing up the attitudes of aspiring New Zealand musicians. It also refers to physically moving in a circular motion - on stage a guitarist's whirling antics can be an important part of the show and finally Give it a Whirl references the popular track of the same name released as a single from Split Enz's 1979 album "Frenzy".

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