What have we become? by Weston Frizzell

What have we become? by Weston Frizzell

Print Code: 7273

Handmade screenprint

Print size in millimetres: 760 x 580 (Full A1 Sheet)
Edition of 200, printed and signed by Weston Frizzell - dated _08_.

In 2008 Weston Frizzell had a breakthrough showing at Martin Ball's Momentum Gallery. Their Gordon Walters influenced posters asking _What shall we become_ advertising the show through a Phantom billstickers campaign were souvenired almost as soon as they went up around Auckland. However at the same time 200 full size screenprinted versions of the poster were editioned to publicise the show and a handful that were never used made their way down south to NZ Fine Prints. After we relocated our stockroom following the earthquakes here in Christchurch last year we found that nearly four years after this landmark show we had 5 of these collectors pieces in the bottom of a drawer. We have decided to release these for sale first to the subscribers to our email newsletter today at just under $200 each.

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