Welcome Traveller by Jeanette Blackburn

Welcome Traveller by Jeanette Blackburn

Print Code: 10480
NZ$90.00 NZ$49.95 2nd

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NZ Artist Print

Image size in millimetres (approx): 560 x 365

One of 250 prints of a painting by popular NZ artist Jeanette Blackburn. This one is a second - on the unprinted white border around the image there is a approx 5cm long patch of adhesive tape that somehow got on the print when it was being packaged for shipment. This "framing margin" is trimmed off or would be hidden behind the mat board once framed. Please note that this is our reference pic, not a photograph of the actual print you will receive so the border with the sticky tape on it isn't actually shown. One only.

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