Print of Auckland Harbour in 1877 by CD Barraud

Print of Auckland Harbour in 1877 by CD Barraud

Print Code: 10465

Historical Print of Auckland

Image size in millimetres: 360 x 250. Has a wide white border with the words “Auckland Harbour” printed below the image

View of the Harbour of Auckland from the road to Mount Eden. Barraud wrote of this view “Our plate [print] is intended to convey some idea of the beauty and extent of the scene presented from the back of the city, but it is impossible effectively to compress into the limits of a picture the great sheet of water, dotted with islands, which stretches form Auckland to the far-off shores of the Coromandel Peninsula.” This print was first published in 1877 in CD Barraud’s “New Zealand: Graphic and Descriptive” and was a very early example of chromolithograph or coloured lithograph. The prints we have for sale are from the second edition of this folio published in 1973 - 3 prints available.