Cook's Chart (Colour)

Cook's Chart (Colour)

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Vintage Map

Approx image size in millimetres: 380 x 480 

This map is a clearance sale item. This print is a beautiful reprint of the original map by Wellington publisher Thorndon Fine Prints. This map went all the way to France and back when a customer didn't pay their customs duties, and it has some very, very minor dents on the edges from when it was inspected at the French border and re-packed.  You probably wouldn't notice that the edges of the paper aren't perfect, but we do :) and we aren't going to send this one out to a customer who has paid the normal retail price of $69.95 if it isn't perfectly perfect. 

Note: This version is the original "Bayly" version of Cook's chart of NZ, this is the most popular version that we sell because the place names are in English (rather than the later French or Italian versions) and the names of the islands are in Te Reo Maori. 

This print is of one of Captain Cook’s charts from his voyage of discovery to the Pacific on the bark Endeavour. The chart was first published in 1772 in the official account of Cook’s voyage. It is a remarkable tribute to Cook’s navigation and charting skills, the only major inaccuracies being Stewart Island shown as a peninsula and Bank’s Peninsula as an island.

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