Ichikoku Bridge Poster by Hiroshige

Ichikoku Bridge Poster by Hiroshige

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Japanese Art Poster

Poster size in millimetres: 915 x 610

Poster of one of Hiroshige’s “36 Views of Mt Fuji” prints. In Japan, “Mt. Fuji is a sacred place and a symbol of the country itself. Rising majestically near the centre of Japan, Fuji dominates the landscape and the Japanese national identity. Hiroshige's wonderful Fuji views show the mountain in each of the four seasons from a variety of vantage points. Hiroshige utilised a vertical full oban format to create dramatic and breathtaking views of this most revered landmark, often framing the peak. From the urban city center of Edo to cherry blossom viewing in a small village to the fantastic crashing wave off Satta, the mountain remains a constant, serene presence from both near and far”. (Credit: Fuji Arts website)