New Zealand Jelly Beans by Glenn Jones

New Zealand Jelly Beans by Glenn Jones

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Print size in millimetres: A3 Print (297 x 420mm)

What’s your flavour? is the title of this new print from NZ artist Glenn Jones? Jellybeans have been made for over one hundred years, traditionally a fruit flavoured confection but Glenn has re-imagined what flavours would really suit the NZ palate. From top left he presents in exquisite detail - Pineapple Lump, Fairy Bread, Jaffa, Hokey Pokey, Fish & Chips, L & P, Goody Gum Drops, Jelly Tip, Chips & Dip, Flat White, Mintie, Cheezels, Toffee Pop, Orange Choc Chip, Lamington, Marmite, Cheese Rolls, Mince & Cheese, Pavlova, Tomato Sauce, Kiwifruit, Anzac Biscuit, Chocolate Fish, Salt & Vinegar.

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