New Zealand by Captain James Cook

New Zealand by Captain James Cook

Print Code: 9840

Antique NZ Map Print

Image size in millimetres: 360 x 480 (not including the wide margin around the decorative border)

This highly deocorative print is a map based on one of Captain Cook’s charts from his voyage of discovery to the Pacific on the bark Endeavour. The chart of NZ was first published in 1772 in the official account of Cook’s voyage. It is a remarkable tribute to Cook’s navigation and charting skills, the only major inaccuracies being Stewart Island shown as a peninsula and Bank’s Peninsula as an island.

This print is published by Thorndon Fine Prints. It is an exact replica of an original extremely rare handcoloured map made from Captain Cook’s chart of NZ, originally published in Rome in 1798, as plate 35 in volume 3 of Giovanni Maria Cassini’s atlas Nuovo Atlante Geographico Universale.

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