Red Haring by Dick Frizzell (Reproduction Print)

Red Haring by Dick Frizzell (Reproduction Print)

Print Code: 9439

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Image size in millimetres: 580 x 600

1980s street artist Keith Haring inspired one of Dick Frizzell’s most celebrated re-imaginings of NZ’s indigenous tiki motif that lies close to the heart of Maori visual iconography. The attitude of “Red Haring” is typically Frizzellian. Part celebration, part stirring, part devil may care - lets put it out there and see what the reaction is. Ambiguity is central to Frizzell’s “Red Haring”, is this print just a visual entertainment or a provocative appropriation and re-interpretation of Maori art? At face value the title is Haring’s name and the predominant colour of the print - but at another level is the artist asking us not to take the issue of referencing Maori art too seriously?

There are two dates on the print. The original “Red Haring” painting was completed in 1999, the first of the Red Haring series of silkscreens (screenprints) were issued in 2007. You are purchasing an unsigned museum grade reproduction print (technically speaking this print is a “giclee”) of the 2007 “Red Haring” silkscreen print.

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