Popduck by Dick Frizzell

Popduck by Dick Frizzell

Print Code: 9398

Print of a NZ Pop Art Classic

Image size in millimetres: 710 x 460

“From Popeye to Donald in one step”. In his 2002 silkscreen print “Popduck” Dick Frizzell cleverly transforms the cartoon character Popeye into Donald Duck in an artwork influenced by Frizzell’s days working in animation. Dick acknowledges the influence of cartooning on his printmaking practice from the earliest days of his career “I made my first 'real' print [with a] roll of clear acetate from the animation days and used it to make my separations. Black enamel paint brushed directly onto the plastic gave a lot of painterly control.” This print is a high quality fine art reproduction of the original silkscreen print

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