Lester Hall "Grant Going" Print

Lester Hall "Grant Going" Print

Print Code: 9068

Contemporary NZ Edition

Image size in millimetres: 485 x 330

Studio printed edition on Epson Velvet fine art paper with K3 archival inks, then hand-signed by contemporary NZ print-maker Lester Hall. From the Aotearoaland series where the printmaker uses his artwork as discussion documents - and in this case creating one of NZ's most controversial contemporary artworks. The player is a famous All Black, Sid Going painted to be Pakeha rubgy player Grant Batty and the rubgy ball has been replaced by the Moko mokai (preserved head with moko). According to Hall the artwork speaks to the brutality of contact sport and the New Zealand love of it but also the brutality of New Zealand's early days. Hall says "I was prompted to paint the image when I came upon an educational website which "out of respect" decided not to publish images of moko mokai". Hall says that this is like deciding not to publish images of holocaust victims or editing out Winston Churchill's cigar, it's "outrageous censorship and arrogance." because he believes "the true nature of war and the head trade or indeed the original issues of Moko Mokai is not so terrible or disgraceful that it needs to be hidden or re-written._

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