Landscape Taieri by Robert Field

Landscape Taieri by Robert Field

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Image size in millimetres: 450 x 350

Print of a 1930 painting by NZ modernist painter Robert (R.N.) Field. Field was a great fan of Cezanne, in a series of articles for Art New Zealand Field wrote “Cezanne has shown us, among other things, that every part of a picture is essential to every other part in a well-ordered scheme. In this sense his paintings are like architectural compositions. A cathedral is thought out in three dimensions - height in relation to breadth and depth. So also is a painting by Cezanne. The discoveries that his research has led to in this direction have resulted in what may be called controlled depth, depth itself becoming a significant factor in the construction of balance and rhythm.” Published by Te Papa Tongawera to co-incide with an exhibition this print is sadly no longer in print and will become unavailable once the last stock sells out.  Today we have 2 prints left to buy.

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