Patu by Steve Hikaiti

Patu by Steve Hikaiti
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    Paper size in millimetres: 405 x 560
    Edition of 75 printed, signed and numbered by Steve Hikaiti

    Today we have 1 print left in this edition, number 32. The Patu is both a weapon that was used by Maori to wage warfare and as a ceremonial piece. The Patu therefore has great significance in Maori culture. In this contemporary print by Maori artist Steve Hikaiti the Patu is a representation of "the mythic weapon used in Maori legend by Maui's brothers in forming the North island into the beautiful country it is today"..

    This original screen print has been hand printed by the artist onto very high quality Artistico Fabriano paper. The final screens were exhaustively worked up by Steve who spent days working the overlays of each print to achieve an amazing sense of depth and clarity in his superb series of contemporary Maori art design prints.

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