Maurice Conly

Wing Commander Robert Maurice Conly (1920 - 1995) was the last Royal New Zealand Air Force Official Artist. In the introduction to the memoir "Send for the Artist: Maurice Conly's 54 years as the Air Force Official Artist" it says "As a child, Maurice Conly had two main passions: painting and flying. Whan he joined the RNZAF in 1941 to train as a pilot, it looked as though he would be leaving his art behind. However, a freak accident left Maurice unfit for active flying service and a chance visit to the offices of CONTACT, the RNZAF magazine, redirected his career. Before long he was able to combine painting and flying as the RNZAF Official Artist." Conly also designed NZ's current 20 cent and one dollar coins. A small selection of his paintings were reproduced as prints by the RNZAF. Unfortunatley all three prints are now sold out and have not, as yet, been re-printed.