Cheeky Little Darkie by Lester Hall

Cheeky Little Darkie by Lester Hall
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    Contemporary NZ Edition

    Image size in millimetres: 485 x 330
    Signed edition on Epson Velvet fine art paper using K3 archival inks studio printed by contemporary NZ print-maker Lester Hall

    In this print by Lester Hall the gollywog character from Enid Blyton bestrides the New Zealand landscape. Hall says _I had a Golly when I was a little boy and I loved it the most. I was very hurt when he was made an evil, racist character as he was part of my family_. When media personality Paul Holmes was pilloried in the press after using the term _Cheeky Little Darkie_ in an ironic way to describe the then secretary general of the United Nationsl Hall couldn't resist appropriating the phrase to reference the politically incorrect children's toy.

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